At O’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions we pride ourselves on our ability to turn an industry-leading level of waste into carefully segregated, high-quality recyclable materials.

The Waste Recycling ProcessWe have 6  Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) located in 3 North East based recycling centres. Our MRFs use a combination of manual pickers, magnets, eddy currents (reverse magnets), size-sorting equipment and conveyor belts to separate the mixed waste we receive into separated materials. These carefully sorted materials are then baled and supplied to the UK’s largest processors who recycle the material into new products. We have a reputation for providing very high quality recyclable materials.

We constantly innovate in order to improve the efficiency of our operation and to streamline our process.

We collect and process the following types of waste:

O'Brien Waste Recycling Solutions

Dry Mixed Recycling

The waste we put in our recycling bin typically consists of cardboard, paper, plastic and cans. As long as its not contaminated by other waste it can be segregated into reusable materials.

O'Brien Waste Recycling Solutions

General Waste

Even general waste is screened and processed to recover any recyclable materials. An industry-leading level of the material we collect is recycled with the remainder being diverted for ‘Waste to Energy’.

O'Brien Waste Recycling Solutions

Glass Waste

We also recycle other materials such as glass. This material is collected in separate bins and then stored at our MRFs before it is reprocessed and recycled back into new glass products.

O'Brien Waste Recycling Solutions

Food Waste

Food waste is segregated into separate bins by some of our clients. Unlike most waste companies who send this to landfill, O’Brien supplies this material to ‘Waste to Energy‘ facilities.

Businesses who use our waste processing services are always surprised to hear that their waste is disposed of in such an efficient, environmentally friendly way.

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