O’Brien Waste Recycling Solutions can provide expert teams to manage waste production, segregation, baling and correct disposal directly on-site at your own facility.

As an alternative to having waste taken and processed off-site an increasing number of our clients are choosing to use this specialist service. We supply fully trained waste operatives to work on our client’s sites, segregating and managing waste to achieve maximum on-site recycling and cost saving initiatives

This service not only ensures the optimisation of recyclable material but also provides continuous cover for holidays, sickness etc. We can provide recycling equipment such as balers, compactors, weigh-bridges, container loading ramps and clamp trucks to facilitate the efficient segregation and sale of high-value recyclables including cardboard, plastics, metals and paper. This not only increases the revenue for our clients, it also reduces the ‘general waste’ element leaving site which in turn reduces waste disposal costs and is more environmentally friendly.

Our contract managers work with our clients to assess detailed management information, this allows the client to agree recycling targets and expectations of waste segregation. The recycling team’s performance is then reviewed monthly at performance meetings.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your on-site facilities waste management and recycling requirements, please call 0191 236 0915
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