Due to the legislative and sustainability requirements placed on organisations coupled with the desire to do the right thing, correct waste management is proving to be an increasing business overhead.

O’Brien has many years experience in guiding its clients through, what can be, complex waste management planning. Our ultimate goal is to assist clients in maximising the amount of recyclable material. This not only benefits the environment but can also provide a cost saving for businesses. At O’Brien we employ a number of professional Waste Consultants and Contract Managers to assist in this process. This ensures we are able to provide the best advice in line with ISO14001 environmental standards at the outset of your waste planning journey, whilst maintaining good recycling practice.

Our Business Waste Consultants can assist with:

  • Recycling awareness and education
  • Adoption of ISO14001 environmental best practice
  • Advice around waste segregation at source
  • Selection of the correct waste container i.e. bin, FEL, compactor and baler
  • Tailored reports on waste streams and end destinations
  • Waste area advice and design
To arrange a Business waste consultation please call 0191 236 0915
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